• A New View of an Old Friend

    • The Windows PowerShell is very different from these traditional shells

      • does not use text as the basis for interaction with the system, but uses an object model based on the .NET platform

      • the list of built-in commands is much larger

      • consistency with regard to interacting with built-in commands through the use of a single A New Term - Cmdlet

  • A New Term - Cmdlet

    • A cmdlet (pronounced "command-let") is the smallest unit of functionality in the Windows PowerShell and it is directly analogous to the built-in commands in other shells

  • A New Scripting Language

    • the desire to create an environment that is tailored to the .NET platform but still contains elements that will be familiar to users of other shells

  • A New Concept - Object Pipelines

    • most traditional commands emit text with a specific format, additional efforts are needed to ensure that the output of one command is understood as input to the next command

    • The Windows PowerShell addresses this issue by providing a new conceptual model for interaction that is based on objects, rather than text

    • refer directly to the needed value by name


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