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  • Hungyu Wu
  • Bill haveve listed his favorite things about this new shell
    1.  IIS7 has a new WMI Provider for quickly starting, stopping, creating, removing and configuring sites and applications.
    2.  Because IIS7 has a distributed file-based configuration store, you can store your application’s IIS configurations in a Web.config file in the application’s directory beside its code and content.
    3.  IIS7’s new Web.Administration API allows Admins to write short programs in .NET to programmatically tackle frequent IIS7 management tasks.
    4.  With IIS7, you can use the new Runtime Status and Control API to monitor the performance of your Web applications. 
    5.  Take advantage of IIS7’s extensibility by writing your own custom request processing module with its own configuration and IIS Manager plug-in.
    PS C:\Windows\System32> Get-ChildItem -Path G:\ -Recurse -Include *.mp3 | Where-Object -FilterScript {($_.LastWriteTime -gt "2006-10-01") -and ($_.Name -match "pearl jam")}| Copy -Destination C:\User\bills\Desktop\New_PJ_MP3s